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OKIDO X British Science Week


Welcome to OKIDO, where science, creativity, and education collide in a wondrous adventure!

As we gear up for British Science Week, themed around 'Time', we're thrilled to offer a variety of exciting experiences for all to enjoy. From our interactive app to our Messy Goes to OKIDO YouTube channel, there's something for everyone to engage with and explore. Join us on this journey of discovery and let's make learning fun together!


Parent Science Learning Pack

Discover the fascinating concept of time through our free Parent Science Learning Pack. Designed to ignite curiosity, our fun and simple 4-step learning pack will teach a deeper understanding of this fundamental concept to 3-7 year-olds.


Free 'Time' Issue

Subscribe today and embark on an enriching journey with a free 'Time' issue, unlocking an extra 48 pages of immersive STEAM learning experiences. Blend education with enjoyment to encourage exploration in the world of OKIDO where learning transcends the ordinary.


School Science Learning Pack

Start a scientific revolution in your classroom with a free School Science Learning Pack, crafted to empower educators with engaging activities, comprehensive lesson plans, and a customisable certificate. Students can explore and excel in their science journey with OKIDO.


Messy on YouTube

Dive into the excitement of British Science Week with our curated Messy Goes to OKIDO playlist on YouTube! Embark on thrilling scientific escapades with Messy and his friends as they unravel mysteries, conduct experiments, and embark on unforgettable journeys.

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The World of OKIDO App

Discover a world of excitement with exclusive British Science Week content available on the World of OKIDO app. Immerse yourself in interactive learning experiences designed to inspire young minds to explore the wonders of science in engaging and innovative ways.

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Journey deeper into the realms of science, creativity, and education with OKIDO's blog. Stay informed and inspired with the latest news, expert tips, and insightful articles. OKIDO aims to foster curiosity and ignite imaginations as they learn and explore.