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OKIDO is a world of discovery, STEAM  education and play for 3–7 year olds.

OKIDO provides hours of immersive learn-through-play with the lovable, inquisitive Messy Monster. Watch the comedy adventure series 'Messy goes to OKIDO’ and continue exploring OKIDO in the arts and science magazine for kids.

Learn & Play

OKIDO magazine is full of science and art activities that kids love, while preparing and supporting their education. OKIDO takes a fun approach to STEAM learning - that’s science, technology, engineering, art and maths - to help unlock skills of critical thinking, curiosity and creativity, setting children up for success at school and beyond.

A new topic every month

Each book-quality issue focuses on a new topic and comes packed with STEAM learning experiments, doodles, recipes, stories, games and more. No ads. No plastic. Just FSC paper, biodegradable vegetable inks and a whole world of science adventures inside a magazine for kids to explore and collect.

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STEAM Resources

OKIDO offers a host of essential STEAM resources for the best start to a science education.



OKIDO KIDS love OKIDO magazine! Take a look at our future scientists in action with OKIDO.